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Tabella: Latin for ‘small tablet’ or ‘message’

Welcome to the table, beautiful! Pull up a chair and join the conversation. Take a break from your crazy busy, messy life and let’s talk.

Who are we? We’re a group of women (and a few amazing fellas), who had reached the age of ‘over 25’ and found ourselves virtually overlooked by online content.

We couldn’t relate to ‘Coachella inspired jean shorts’ or ‘Ten things not to tell your dream date’. We were too busy trying not to wear our maternity jeans six months post-baby, navigating the corporate ladder in male dominated work places, and fumbling around in our make-up bags for a magical, anti-gravity anything.

We were over things like trying to find the best bar outfit suitable for a morning walk-of-shame. We were over Pinterest-worthy snapshots of our front hall closets. Most of all, we were over superficial conversations about how our lives were oh-so-together.

We wanted some relatable, candid advice on the stuff of everyday life: everything from relationships to wearable fashion, believeable beauty, to achievable wellness suggestions. We wanted those life tips from people like us: Women who’d been in the trenches, who’d stood on the edge of the cliff-top, arms pinwheeling and screaming – sometimes with delight and sometimes in holy bloody terror!

But, it seemed that the Internet was owned by savvy millennials and we just didn’t ‘belong’. So, in a blinding flash of obvious, we created Tabella!

We’re glad you found us and we welcome you to the table!  Allow us to introduce ourselves, and please, let us know who you are and what you’d like to talk about…

Come and join the conversation around our table!

Founder, Host of Tabella, Technicolour Thinker, Spitfire

Rachel is a technicolour thinker who likes to colour outside the lines. She also likes to talk to people. A lot. Tabella Talks is a natural extension of her happy, chatty self. Her freelance career began in 1998 when she decided to become a stylist in television, film and photography. She has designed and decorated dozens of sets, dressed hundreds of models, actors and celebrities and appeared on numerous television shows.  The highlights, plus a little name dropping: meeting Whoopi Goldberg (“she’s incredibly sweet”) and Peter Fonda (“who is a total gentleman”), travelling the globe with The Four Seasons (“they know how to do luxurious, sigh…”), and jetting around Canada doing television appearances.  The lowlights: getting a severe attack of stage fright right before a TV spot and forgetting all the messages (“seriously gut-churning”). Using a breast pump in the back of a limo on the way to Canada AM (“kids keep you humble, even when they’re not around”).  Rachel is Mama to Ellery Jules and wife to Jason. She’s passionate about interesting and authentic conversation, especially over a perfect americano.
t. @rmatthewsburton  |  Judy Inc.

Chief Collaborator, PR Pro, Speed Demon

Kelly is a details person. It’s the little things that make all the difference to her. She loves to surround herself with people and is always looking for an excuse to plan a party or gathering with friends. She’s constantly thinking about how she can connect people and gather friends together for fun times. She’s planned over 300 events during the span of her career. The highlights: Meeting four former Prime Ministers of Canada while working on the CBC television show, “Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister”.  The lowlights: Being pushed “over the edge” by working long hours with demanding expectations and poor management. It was a major wake-up call and she learned a LOT from this – about business and about herself. From that moment on, work/life balance has been a key priority. Kelly is the principal of a boutique PR firm in Toronto where she shares her communication expertise with her clients in various industries such as lifestyle, real estate, automotive, film, and professional services. She lives in Toronto and cottages on the Bay of Quinte with her husband and two small children.
t. @KellyAnneScott  |


Ross McDonald
Nocturnal IT Genius, lives in the shadows of circuitry (we *think his name is Ross)

Mike T. King
Lens Looker, Video Editor, Whizz Kid
ig. @mtkmedia  |

Candice McHugh
Producer, Gold Medalist in Organization & Attention to Detail
t. @candicemchugh

Adam Esker
Sound Engineer, Podcast Producer, Auditory Icing on the Cake
t. @touchlineradio  |  f. Touchline Radio  |  Touchline Radio

Carter Reid
Social Media Maven, Photographer, the Stylin’ All-Star
t.  @carterreid_   |  ig. @carterreid  |  f.  Carter Reid  |

Alex Walti
Video Director, Renaissance Man, Da Vinci Incarnate
t.  @AlexWalti  |  ig.  @alexwalti

Buffy Shields
Beauty Boss, Transformation Magician, obscene skill with a makeup brush
ig. @buffyshields | Judy Inc.



Niamh Connolly
Kid Whisperer, Therapist, Social Worker, Serenity Now Expert

Jennifer Frigault, M.ADS (ABA), BCBA
Behavioural Expert, Kid Translator
t. @BehaviourMama  |  ig. @behaviour_mama

Juliet McDonald, E.C.E
The credentials are great, but forty years working with kids and babies, c’mon!

Carol Spode
‘Been there, done that’ Travel Expert. Writer. Presenter who is everywhere, all the time
t. @britgirltoronto

Leyla Boyd Stein
DIY Dilettante, Pinterest Disrupter
p. @Leyaway

Gail Scott, CPPC
Life Transformer, Relationship Expert, The Enlightened One
t. @GailScottish  |

Dr. Jenny Jun, ND
Naturopathic Doctor with laser-sharp insight. The Wise Woman

Jennifer Jacobsen
Decorator, Prop Stylist, Pretty Space-Maker

Stephanie Major
Fashion Stylist, Taste Maker, The Personification of Style

Michelle Amore
Interior Designer, Master of your Living Space
li. Michelle Amore


Take a break from your crazy busy Life and let’s hang out once a week.

Get relatable, candid advice on the stuff of everyday life: everything from relationships to wearable fashion, believable beauty, to achievable wellness suggestions.