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“This will look fabulous on you!” said the maid of honour wielding a high neck halter gown to the buxom chested bride. “No. No, it won’t look fabulous on you” said my eye-rolling, tongue-biting inside voice. In my almost-twenty-year career as a stylist I’ve seen and heard the most ...

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If you’ve got kids, you’ve got clutter. Feel me parents? I recently went on a massive de-cluttering binge of our entire loft, (nothing like having your mother-in-law live in your house for a week to motivate that move). It took a whole week, which is slightly embarrassing to admit, but damn, ...

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Ever re-folded the towels because someone didn’t do it the *right* way? (Looks at feet, shuffles back and forth). Well, maybe that type of behaviour is closely linked to the feeling of having an unsafe childhood. Join Rachel and Tammy in this insightful and compassionate conversation about ...

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