Don’t Wear Jeans To A Funeral!

We don’t like to be judge-y Mc Judgers at Tabella, but we need to talk about what some people are wearing to funerals. Tabella Team member Kelly, was at a funeral recently where someone was wearing white jeans. I did gasp when she told me and yes, I definitely did judge. 

Like it or not, your clothes speak volumes about who you are. They also tell people whether or not you give AF. A funeral is a somber occasion and your choice of clothing should speak nothing but “respect”.

Let’s start with the “Hell NO’s!”

Sequins – like glitter, can be fun in the moment but typically followed by regret.



Stilettos – aside from the practical issues of standing a lot, the stiletto is like the hooker of the shoe world. Sorry, it had to be said.

Boobilicious dresses – obviously, no. Not that we wouldn’t love seeing your fabulous boobs any other time of the year.

Short skirts – unless you’re two and are sporting a cute little bum cover underneath.

Noisy jewellery – like stacks of bracelets and jangling earrings. Also should be banned in libraries. Do people still go to libraries anymore?

Jeans – of ANY variety. Nothing says “I couldn’t give a f@#%” like a pair of jeans. Harsh? Maybe. But don’t wear them at weddings either!

Here are some lovely little numbers we WOULD wear:

I love the versatility of this piece. Imagine it post-funeral with strappy heels, some great jewellery, or if you prefer, keep it simple and wear it with a pair of cool sneaks for some street-cred.

Neiman Marcus


Nobody said you couldn’t look stylish at a funeral. These two LBD’s can be taken to the office, a wedding, an event of virtually any kind, it will all depend on how you style them.


This next one you might think is a little controversial because it’s a jumpsuit. But I will argue that it’s a very stylish  jumpsuit that looks perfectly polished. I picture this little number with brogues, heels or sneakers after the funeral. It would look great in an office environment, or paired with a leather jacket for a weekend brunch.

Finery London

And lastly, unless wearing black is specified, it’s okay to opt for colour. Just keep the colours muted, neutral and on the darker side. This dark red might be pushing the envelope, but you’ll have to use your judgement on this one. Pair this with black opaque tights to ‘winterize’. Otherwise, slides, brogues, or heels will work equally as well with such a simple silhouette.


There are many more ‘Celebration Of Life’ ceremonies these days and for those occasions black is specifically avoided. The atmosphere is generally less formal and so your clothing can reflect that. But still, NO jeans! I was at a beautiful service a few months ago and wore sweet Aunt Alison’s favourite colour, blue. Here’s a photo from that day:

Got questions about what to wear to an event? Drop us a line!

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton and Kelly Potter Scott 



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