A Stylist’s Guide To What To Wear To A Wedding

You get the invitation, it says ‘semi-formal’ attire, or, even worse, ‘semi-casual’. Toss in a ‘formal’ ‘black tie’ ‘beach wedding’, or ‘country wedding’ invitation and basically, it’s over; All clarity and understanding of wtf to wear just flopped out of your brain. Now I’ve dressed a few folks over the period of my near twenty-year styling career, but the confusion over appropriate wedding attire is as rampant today as it was the moment we stopped wearing bearskins.

So, let me break it down for you, here’s a collection of fabulous things you can strut your stuff in at any wedding.

Semi-formal – think somewhere between high tea with your grandma and a special anniversary dinner (unless you’re like me and always forget when you got married).

All of the following fabulous frocks from ASOS

I personally would wear this, perhaps with a simple cami underneath so I could wear an actual bra with it.

This little firecracker is from the ‘curves’ collection from ASO. Totally revolutionary to actually design clothing for women who aren’t supermodels. Rolls-eyes and ponders that it’s the 21st Century. Anyway, add some stunning jewellery to this and you’re complete.

If florals tickle your fancy, consider yourself tickled:

Don’t fret mama’s-to-be I didn’t forget about you.

Bold and fabulous, another personal want. 

Let’s move into some pastels. A note of caution here, make sure you know what colour the bridesmaid’s dresses are, you don’t want people giving you tasks all night long. 

Check the weather forecast for this one. A blustery day and this fab frock will not make for a fun time. Also, double-sided tape may be required as flashing your boobs at a wedding will be frowned upon. 

Let’s maybe look at a lower maintenance option in pastel. I would add a gold belt and some fantastic jewellery to spice this baby up.

ASOS also has a Tall collection (something I will never know anything about at my statuesque 5’3” height). This polka dot number is pretty great right?

Now let’s tackle ‘semi-casual’, which to me, for a wedding is an oxymoron. But I’m a Brit and if you’re going to British wedding then you’re shopping for a fascinatior (fancy hat), not a pair of nice sandals. But weddings have changed a lot over the years and beach or cottage weddings are very much in vogue. So, that said, here are my picks from ASOS again.

You could wear both these lovely frocks to a summer brunch or a baby shower and they’re definitely worthy of a beach or cottage wedding. 

Mama’s-to-be, how pretty is this?

Cute as a button. Or polka dot. 

Moving away from frock-land, allow me to indulge my love of a jumpsuit. Which, I only fall out of love with when you’re waiting in a long line for the loo after a three hour car ride. I digress…

For my bodacious curvey Tribe members, isn’t this fab? 

Now let’s swing a 180 over to ‘formal’. This is where I get excited, let’s face it, how often do you have the opportunity to really dress up? I have a favourite place to go for formal wear and I swear on my grandmother’s sewing machine you will love it too. The service is incredible, the frock selection is amazing, the knowledge of staff and customer service is spectacular and the best bit? You don’t have to leave your couch. They don’t pay me anything to make these recco’s, I’m just a huge fan of great businesses run by great ladies. Oh! Right, the business is Rent Frock Repeat As the name suggests, it’s a rental service for designer dresses. Renting rather than buying for these rare occasions makes so much more sense.

They even have ‘Baby On Board’ rental options. Which I think is fabulous, because unless you’re having ten kids and attending multiple weddings, you’re probably not going to wear a formal maternity dress much. 

P.S. You can also rent jewellery and purses from Rent Frock Repeat.

I hope you found this helpful Tabella Tribe. Happy wedding season! Rachel xo

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Host of Tabella and Fashion Stylist at Judy Inc.

Cover Image courtesy of Libby Dyment and Adventure Photography Group

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