My Crafty Kid Cake

I am not a baker. I’m barely a cook. I have a penchant for Pinterest-worthy edibles but, I have neither the time nor money to procure such delicacies. So, for my six year old’s last birthday cake it was time for a new strategy.

Collaborate with her bestie’s Mum (the girls were conveniently born within two days of each other). She happens to enjoy baking and I love to decorate. She agreed to make a simple sheet cake and I was responsible for making it look squeal-worthy.


Naturally, my imagination took hold and I had visions of princesses ascending cascading staircases and ponies frolicking in green icing pastures. Then I snapped back into logic-brain. I needed something easy, inexpensive and yet Pinterest worthy. ‘Pft, this’ll be a snap!’ I thought! I’m always being asked to produce fabulous things on shoestring budgets for photo shoots, I can totally manage this! Right, inner Martha?

After some hand-to-forehead hairbrain ideas and consideration of gross overspending, I eventually arrived at the idea. The party theme was crafting, so the cake could be…artsy? Then, it hit me! Artsy, artist, Jackson Pollack!


FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_1

Here’s what Mr Pollack inspired, and I have to say, I was pretty happy with the end result.
Total cost: Around $20
Total time spent decorating: Around half an hour


Don’t have a neighbour who bakes? Buy a box of pre-mixed stuff. There’s no shame Mama, the kids don’t care. The icing wasn’t even high-maintenance, I slapped on the pre-made frosting purchased from Bulk Barn.

Bonus of this cake? The birthday girl had a blast helping decorate it. And the birthday guests loved picking off their favourite candy.



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