Semi-Casual, Compact & Curvey Body Types 2

My short, curvy stature isn’t always easy to dress. Despite the fact that I have almost two decades of professional styling experience, dressing women of all shapes and sizes, my own bod is always the most challenging for me. Possibly because I have a wickedly critical eye, which doesn’t work in my favour when I scan over all my flaws and personal dislikes. I can talk a good game about loving your body, I even ran workshops on it. But when it comes to gazing at an aging body under the harsh glare of fitting room lights, well, all bets are off. But you didn’t come here to listen to me whine, so let’s look at some practicalities instead:


Jacket: Comfort is key right? This a very unstructured piece that is actually a soft knit, making it feel more like a cardigan than a blazer.  It’s the right length for me, with the waist in the right place. The notch collar creates that V shape that is always flattering when you are trying to add longer, leaner lines. It’s from Sanctuary and priced at $219

T-Shirt: You might know I have a love of good T’s and this one is in my top three. The fabric and detail make it very versatile – picture it paired under a blazer with a skirt, or on its own with a pair of boyfriend jeans. The shape is great, again, that little v-neck helping with the illusion of a longer, leaner line. Sanctuary T-shirt $79

Trousers: These will work well on almost every body type, with the exception of an A shape, or pear shaped figure – they’re a bit too narrow at the bottom and full at the top which would exaggerate the A shape. Even though I’m an hourglass shape,  I typically stay away from anything that looks like it will add bulk around my waist or thighs. But, the fabric makes these drape really well. They are insanely comfortable, better than any lounge pant. I also love the versatility. Picture a pair of killer heels and a vintage sequinned top, red lips, messy up-do….From Lili Blue, $59.99

Accessories: I borrowed the necklace from Kel. The length and shape is key to helping with that V shape. The ring I bought when I was back home in the UK. It’s Ted Baker I picked up in the outlet store! The rope-like bracelets are a collection from Hello Berry and because they’re made from crafting lace, they’re excellent for anyone who has nickel allergies. The ladies who make the bracelets have an impressive, affordable collection, definitely worth a look-see.

Tip: A little bit of jewellery can make big statements. It says, ‘I have my sh!t together’ because  I’m paying attention to details. My personal secret to accessorizing? I keep a small stash of rings and necklaces beside my keys, on a shelf by my front door to grab on my way out.

Bag: Adorable no? The chain strap  is jewellery on its own. Find it at Heel Boy.




All the clothing is from Andie’s Boutique  where you will find a vast selection of styles and price points. Plus, you’ll get the charming and delightful expertise of owner Andrea. The footwear is from Heel Boy which, if you are in the Waterloo shop, you’ll find conveniently located right next door to Andie’s. One stop shopping can’t be beat.

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Fashion Stylist and Host of Tabella


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