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Body Type Bible | Casual Days For Long & Lean Body Types 1

I’m a long and lean gal standing proudly at 5’10.  I wasn’t always a fan of my height though. When I was a teenager, I was always taller than the boys and it made me self conscious. When I got older, I fell in love with high heels.  But, I felt like I stuck out at events when I wore them and women would often come up to me and say, “why are you wearing 3 inch heels when you are already so tall?” I’ve finally come to embrace it and accept the things I cannot change. There are much worse things in life than being tall.

When I worked in the corporate world, I often had false hems inserted at the bottom of my dress pants because they just weren’t long enough.  I often find the same problem with jeans.  That is why the rolled-up look is so easy on me. Who cares if they are too short!

Here I’ve paired distressed boyfriend jeans with a bold stripe and subtle polka dot tank.  I love this bold stripe and punch of red for spring.  See how you can take this look from a cooler, rainy spring day with the scarf and Hunter rain boots, to a casual cool look for a lunch date with friends?  I’m small on top and narrow waisted with long legs.  Here’s why this look works well on my frame: 

casual 1

Why it works:

Denim – Distressed denim adds attention, so if you don’t want attention drawn to your legs, opt for a more subtle finish. These jeans will work well on both apple shaped and lean figures.

Jacket – This neckline is great on anyone who is small on the top. It’s boxy and cropped with a horizontal stripe. If you’re larger on top, this shape can be a disaster so opt for a v-neckline instead and avoid horizontal stripes. Also works on pear-shaped ladies.

Tank – The high lycra content is great for a tight fit. If you have extra padding around the middle and don’t want it squeezed, choose a slightly looser fit or lower lycra content tank. Works well on athletic shapes, or anyone who is comfortable with their upper body. This scoop neck is also great for bigger boobs provided you feel you have enough support.

Shoes – I just love how the cut outs on these shoes mimic the polka dots in the tank. They provide an elegant shape and will work well on almost anyone, however the flat heel will be less flattering if you have heavier lower legs. Opt for a wedge or platform instead.  On a rainy day, add a trendy Hunter boot. Don’t be afraid of colour either – a red boot would be fun here too!

Written by:  Kelly Potter Scott


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