Making Little Piggies

If you’re the parent of an elementary school kid you’ll be very familiar with what happened in our house a few weeks ago. Piling into the car on a Thursday morning, my six year old pipes up, “Oh! Did you remember it’s the school play tomorrow Mama?” Cue alarm bells and flashing lights in my head, “Costumes!”. The week had entered a fast-forward vortex, so, with limited time and a small budget, I fastened my Super Mama cape and drove to the nearest mall. This is what I came up with for my little piggie and her bestie:

You will need:

Plain pink T-shirt, or tank top – Try Old Navy, or the Dollarstore. Mine are from the Dollarstore $2!

An old pillow, or cushion for the stuffing – I bought pillows from the Dollarstore for $3

Plain pink leggings – Old Navy is where I found mine for around $10

Piggie headgear – I was lucky to find the hats at the Dollarstore for $1.50, if you want to make something here’s a good tutorial from Real Simple click the link to see the additional supplies you’ll need

Flip-Flops – Found at Old Navy on sale for $4

Needle and thread, or if you want to hack this part just use gaffer tape

Wire – we dismantled a wire coat hanger for the tail

Pink pipe cleaner, or some pink fabric for the tail

Scissors good for cutting fabric

Step One:

Pull out the stuffing from the pillows by cutting along one seam of the pillow – cut neatly, you’ll be needing the case

Step Two:

Turn the tank, or T-shirt inside out and sew, or tape one side of the pillowcase into the front, leaving the top edge open.

Step Three:

Put it on your kid and start stuffing!

Step Four:

Wrap the wire around piggie’s waist and leave a few inches to fashion a curly tail, or attach the pipe cleaner. We used the pillowcase fabric scraps to cover the end of the wire

Step Five:

Pour yourself a glass of something and bask in the glow of an impressive save

Our DIY expert Leyla, made a little black piggie for her son, Lucas. She upgraded the googley eyes and spray painted the pink hat black:



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