Faux Fur Bench

This really is a very easy piece to make.  You can make the seat square, rectangle or circular – really whatever shape and size you like.  You can make it into a tiny footstool, or a large ottoman.  The options are endless.  This one was made for my daughter’s bedroom.  She uses it as a place to sit and read to her dolls, a step stool for reaching high shelves in her bedroom, and a bed for some of her stuffies.  This was quick and simple and I would rate this beginner to intermediate DIY.

Foam ($15) | King Textiles
Faux fur ($29) | King Textiles or Amazon Faux Fur}
Piece of wood | my basement
Furniture legs ($21) | Home Hardware


  • Staple gun
  • Cordless drill
  • Large, serrated knife

Step 1:
Cut the piece of wood to the size and shape that you want.


Step 2:
Trace the board onto the foam.


Step 3:
Cut the foam using a serrated bread knife from your kitchen drawer (much easier than scissors.) I cut two pieces of foam to stack together to make the seat on the stool thicker. Alternatively, you can buy thicker foam (more $$).


Step 4: Stack the foam on top of the board. If you want, you can glue it so that it doesn’t shift around.

Step 5: Measure and cut the fur.  Wrap around entire foam/board combo.  Pull tightly and staple to the underside of the stool.


Step 6:
This is the part you want to take your time with – folding the ends up. (I say “up” because you will have the stool upside down at this point). You don’t want to wrap it like a present, instead, fold the ends straight up and tuck the sides in just enough so they won’t fall out.  Pull as tightly as possible and staple to the underside of the stool. You want it to look like it is one continuous piece of fur.




Step 7:
Time for some legs! If you want, paint or stain the legs at this point.  I chose to keep mine natural. Place the legs where you want them on the bottom of the stool and screw right through the faux fur.  It can be a bit tough where you have the ends folded up, but push and you’ll get through.

image image

Step 8:
Flip your stool over and grab a seat!

Written by: Kelly Potter Scott, Crafting Queen


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