Goop Fashion Hack #3

This week my Goop newsletter had some pretty images of GP sporting some divine little outfits, shot on location at her beach house (obv.). The outfits are as always, beautiful and utterly unaffordable for the majority of us poor slobs. But no worries! If you love the Goop look, I have options that won’t sacrifice your kid’s education fund. 

Never mind the price tag, a white cotton dress with kids?! You’d better keep a Tide pen handy. But if you’re feeling adventurous, my budget pick is so affordable you won’t loose your mind when that first blueberry gets squished right on your boob.

Boohoo Dress

Next up,  a necklace that will rival your monthly mortgage payment:

Aaaaaaand, my wallet-friendly selects:

Jeans – Zara | Jacket – The blazer in the picture was from J.Crew, when I went to get the link it was missing from the site, I found a similar textured tweed jacket at Banana Republic | T-Shirt – H&M | Necklace – Stella & Dot | Shoes Target

GP’s final lovely number:

The goods for us mere mortals:

Dress 1 Club Monaco | Dress 2 Club Monaco

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Fashion Stylist represented by Judy Inc., Host of Tabella


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