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Body Type Bible | Office Style For Long & Lean Body Types 1

I have always had a thing for pencil skirts.  So much so, that I named my blog after this long and skinny wardrobe staple.  This outfit is suitable for a corporate office, or even a Sunday afternoon bridal shower.  A huge thanks to Andie’s for supplying the clothing and to Heel Boy for the footwear for this shoot.

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Why it works:

Skirt A pencil skirt works well on most shapes; if you have lots of curves it accentuates them, if you have fewer curves, it lends some. If you have heavier lower legs, you’ll want to consider a skirt that has a mermaid shape, where the hemline kicks out away from the leg, rather than hugs them.

Top – A smaller top looks great in a crew neck, (boat necks, turtlenecks, and cowl necks are also flattering). Whereas a larger top will be best flattered in v-necks, sweetheart and scooped necklines. Having said this, if you are smaller on top and you are more comfortable in a v-neck, go right ahead.  Just because the girls are small, doesn’t mean they have to be hidden away!  Obviously, if you are in a corporate office environment, keep them tucked away – big or small – heavy cleavage is a major no-no in office settings. Also, because I am smaller on top, I can afford to add texture and/or some ‘bulk’ to my upper body. If you have an apple shape bod, adding a high neck, ruffles, frills or fussy necklines can add too much where you don’t need it.

Shoes – Shoes with ankle straps can really foreshorten the leg. The caveat is, the strap should be narrow and as close to your skin tone as possible, or, if the strap is below the ankle bone. I also love the versatility of a nude shoe – plus, if you have shorter legs, the nude tone helps to elongate them.

Bag/Accessories – I love this modern twist on a classic satchel style bag. The scale is really good with this feminine outfit. The classic pearls are made modern with their extra length and add that touch of polish and elegance.

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Got wardrobe issues you want help with? Write to us, we’re here to help womankind feel better in their own skin.

Written by Kelly Potter Scott


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