Goop Fashion Hack #2

Apparently, this is what Goop staff are wearing this week, an outfit complete with $1050 diamond earrings. I, on the other hand, have splashed out on a pair of Topshop jeans (which feel like pj’s and I’m in love with) which I’m sporting with a not-very-recent Zara sweatshirt. Anyway, if want that Goop look for under 3G’s , I gotchya covered 😉

The Goop staff are wearing, (and I need a job there):

You and I might be wearing:

Those are real diamond earrings btw, $79.99. This price tag for this outfit totals $404.84 (before tax in CDN moula).

If you need to fill a cart right now, here you go:

Jean Jacket Gap | Blouse Zara | Cropped Trouser Topshop – Hudson’s Bay | Shoes Hudson’s Bay | Earrings Amazon

I suggest, save your cash and shop your closet first.

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Fashion Stylist Rep’d By Judy Inc., Host of Tabella


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