Pom Pom Fails

While looking for area rug inspiration for my daughter’s bedroom, I came across this whimsical “Rainbow Felted Pom Pom” rug Pom-Pom rug and fell in love with it. I just really adore pom poms and all together in bright colours like that! Wheeeee! Then I wondered if I could actually make it myself?


There are many, many online tutorials on DIY felt pom poms, (this is a great step by step Pickles) I checked out a couple of them and it looked easy enough, so I decided to give it a go.

Because I am not a patient person and I wanted to get started right away, I didn’t go out to buy the suggested wool required for the job. I walked over to my local Thrift Shop (on 50% off day, score!) and bought a bunch of wool hats and sweaters. Maybe you have some old woolen items lying around that you want to reuse for this project? I googled how to make felted pom poms from old sweaters but to no avail, so I just threw caution to the wind and came up with the following.

Unravel the knitted goods

First up was a small slipper. Once the yarn was somewhat unravelled it wasn’t pulling apart and fuzzing up the way I had seen it do in the tutorials but I pushed on.




Put dish soap on the yarn and soak it in a small container of very hot water and a bit more dish soap.
I fished the yarn out with some chop stix. I tried rolling it into a ball but the fibres were not sticking together as they should. Sadly there was too much synthetic fibre in this particular blend, or maybe no wool in it at all (there was no tag on it as the slippers looked homemade). Fail.

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (4)


Use 100% Wool
Next I moved on to two hats (one with a 100% wool tag and another woolen feeling handmade one). When I unravelled the yarn and pulled it apart it immediately fuzzed up so I started feeling optimistic. I followed the same process as before. This time when I rolled the yarn between my palms to form a pom pom, the fibres stuck together and also smelled of wet dog. Success.


FullSizeRender (3)



Now I have 3 cute little pom poms and a pile of 100% wool sweaters to unravel, soak and form. As much as I love the look of the pom poms and enjoy the process, in hindsight, the area rug might be overly ambitious. Instead I am inspired by these adorable felted pom pom drink coasters. Stay tuned because I am totally going to be making them.


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Written by: Leyla Boyd Stein, DIY Dilettante, Pinterest Disrupter


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