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I have a short, curvy body that I am always trying to appreciate. I am 5′ 2 3/4″ (because three quarters of an inch counts when you’re under 5’4″) and fluctuate between a size 4 and 6 (or size 10 in the UK). I am what you would call an X or an hourglass shape. I am fairly evenly proportioned, but my boobs and thighs frequently get in the way of great fitting clothes, (according to me, not my husband).

However, with the help of Andie’s Boutique and fabulous footwear from Heel Boy, (links at the end), here’s a casual look that I put together and why it works on my body type.



Why it works:

Trousers: these are khakis made by Sanctuary. I absolutely love the fit, even though they are on the higher end of the pricing scale at $149. Finding a great fit, in a super comfy fabric and a style that I can easily work into a billion outfits, well, you do the math. I typically don’t advocate for a cuffed pant on a short leg, however, paired with the same colour shoe that has a small heel, it helps to give me a little extra length and height.

T-Shirt:  this T-shirt feels like pyjamas. It’s incredibly comfortable and lightweight. It’s called the New York T-shirt by Press. Yes it costs a little more than the average Tee at $49 but I’m a sucker for a great fabric. It works for me because it’s not clingy and comfort is key.

Vest:  this isn’t an ideal neckline on me, I prefer a V-shape, but the redeeming factor is that I can cinch it in the waist, so it shows off some curvature.  If you could only feel this piece; dreamy comfort also by Sancutary, $189. I also love the colour which is extremely versatile and flattering on my skin tone.

Accessories:  I love to accessorize. I always feel that jewellery can transform a look and allows for some creative expression.  Note the longer necklaces, which help create that V-shape I prefer in a neckline. All the jewellery is my own that I picked up inexpensively at places like Aldo.

Bag: Jennie Lottie, can be found at Heel Boy. I love the shape and the size.



Follow Andie’s on Instagram for lots of great clothing that ranges in both price and style.  Andie’s  If you need help, talk to owner, Andrea, who is a wealth of information and as delightful as can be.

For the full selection at Heel Boy, click here Heel Boy. Kelly and I absolutely adored the staff here, who were all smiles and great service.

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Fashion Stylist, Host of Tabella


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