Casual, Long & Lean Body Types 3

I have a long, tall shape and sometimes find it difficult to find tops that are long enough for me.  Sometimes piecess shrink when they are washed, which is fine for someone with a shorter stature, but on me, they are instant crop tops.  I’ve started to buy a size up on some tanks and t-shirts so that when they do shrink, they will last longer.

soccer mom 2

I am loving this outfit for a Saturday afternoon at the baseball diamond with my children.  Here’s why:

Top:  Because this tank is a bit longer and wider, it provides comfort that a mummy tummy is not going to peek out when you are bending down to grab the baseball time and time again, as your son tried to perfect his curve ball.  It is slightly sheer, so add a fitted tank or bandeau underneath.

Pants: These are a dark shade of green denim, which adds some colour and a twist on the skinny jean.  They are skinny and stretchy and comfortable and work well on long legs.  The pockets at the thighs also add some bulk for really skinny legs or for someone who wants to create some curves.

Shoes: These sneakers by New Balance are both functional and pretty.  Check and check!  They come in different colours too, but I liked the orange and grey ones at Heel Boy to add a pop of colour to my outfit.

soccer mom

Written by Kelly Potter Scott


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