Dressing The Mystery Editor In Chief

I just had the pleasure of dressing one of my all-time favourite magazine editors, Alicia Tyler. Alicia is Editor in Chief of Clean Eating Magazine. Before I show you what I did on the style front, I just want to give kudos to the amazing team behind Clean Eating. They have grown from producing four copies a year, to nine and have just had a page increase! In the struggling world of publishing that’s an incredible accomplishment. One of my favourite spin-offs to this great brand is the Clean Eating Academy. You can learn everything from knife skills, to how to eat clean at restaurants. It’s genius! Check it out.

The Style Challenge: As Editor, Alicia becomes part of the brand and her look has to be approachable, friendly, professional and relatable. Her image also has to stand the test of time, which means the fashion elements have to look relevant now, but not dated in years to come. So how did we make her look modern, but not trendy, classic, but not old-fashioned, like a Boss, but friendly? I hope you’ll get lots of practical tips and inspiration on how to get the most out of your own closet.

Tip: You’ll notice Alicia’s outfits are all a variation on a theme, the slim pant and simple, clean lines in the tops.  Once you know what works for you, stick with it!


Tip: One piece of statement jewellery is all you need, don’t go overboard adding necklaces, earrings, etc.

Change it up: Imagine the pant with a denim shirt, a pair of lace-up brogues and a neutral, classic trench coat. Pair the top with a pencil skirt (I’m picturing emerald green and in lace, à la J.Crew style), for another office look.

Pink Pant – Banana Republic  Denim Shirt – Banana Republic Classic Trench – Banana Republic   Brogues – Clark’s Green Pencil Skirt – J. Crew  Dark Blue Short Sleeve Top – Banana Republic



Tip: When you choose clothing with clean, simple lines it’s much easier to transform the look. Whereas, adding on to fussy pieces can get too busy and end up looking messy.

Change it up: Imagine not changing the outfit except, adding a scarf, lots of bracelets, a camel coloured blazer with the sleeves rolled-up and a cool pair of runners. Or, take the top and pair it with a long maxi skirt, (floral would be beautiful).

Green and Blue Scarf – Banana Republic  Camel Coloured Blazer – Nordstrom Bracelets – Stella and Dot  Off-White Pant – Banana Republic  Navy Sweater – Banana Republic  Adidas Runners – Neiman Marcus


Tip: Alicia wanted a jean option in the mix, but we kept it professional by using a silk camisole and a loose unstructured blazer, which is a polished but comfortable alternative to a blazer, cardigan, or sweater. That simple necklace from Aldo adds the finishing touch.

Change it up: Pair the camisole and jacket with a light grey pencil skirt and some nude heels for a killer corporate look.

Off-White Heels with Bow – Nine West  Blush Coloured Blazer – Dynamite   Camisole – Aritzia Grey Pencil Skirt – J. Crew


Tip: That incredible coloured sweater from Banana Republic looks so good on so many skin types. Go buy something in the pink spectrum and you’ll see what I mean.

Change it up: Imagine this sweater with a boyfriend jean, a silk neck scarf, a cute little flat and some oversized sunglasses…on the back of a moped in Italy…..I digress. Now picture the pant with a T-shirt and a floral bomber jacket, but keep the killer heels on.

Navy Blue Pant – Banana Republic   Pink Sweater – Banana Republic  Boyfriend Jean – J. Crew  Black Flats – Hudson’s Bay Scarf – Ann Taylor  White Tee – Aritzia  Bomber Jacket – Anthropologie


Send me your style issues Tabella Tribe, I’ll do my best to help. Remember, love the skin you’re in, it’s one-of-a-kind!

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Fashion Stylist, rep’d by Judy Inc., Host of Tabella


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