6 Creative, Cost-Effective Ways To Store Your Crap

Our house is generally pretty tidy, not necessarily clean, but tidy. Firstly, because we live in a small space and secondly, because to me physical clutter = mental clutter. I’ve also moved A LOT and my childhood homes often felt like a half-lived-in transitional space, rather than the sanctuary I craved. Consequently, I’m slightly fanatical about everything having a place.ย 

As a family we have a simple routine to keep things in order. We spend five, or ten minutes every evening putting things back where they belong. I’m a container and storage junkie so everything does have a home, which makes the tidy-up really easy. But I don’t spend a lot on fancy containers and I don’t really care about how things look once they’re in their home. I don’t have neatly labeled storage jars for cereal and pasta (who the hell has time for that?) and my hall closet is definitely not Pinterest-worthy. My rule of thumb is to organize with real life in mind, toss stuff in its place and move on.

I thought I’d share some the conventional and unconventional ways we store and organize things in our house.

1. My kid will take over the coffee table with crafts and other paraphernalia that she wants to resume playing with the next morning. So, if she can fit it in this basket it doesn’t have to be put back in its rightful home and I get to relax at the end of the night without kid-clutter dominating the space that rightfully belongs to my G n’ T.

2. This saved my marriage. My husband was a master at loosing keys before we bought this. He would borrow my keys because his were always lost (obv.), once he dropped them down an elevator shaft, then he locked them in my trunk (the trunk that had an anti-theft system you can’t break into), and he even successfully managed to lock our kid and his own keys in his car, (with the engine running). Like I said, marriage saver. It’s an Umbra piece, it sits right beside the front door and it’s where our keys and whatever paper stuff we need lives.

3. These Ikea storage bins are a godsend in small spaces. The stuff we can cram in them is ridiculous. Not only great for shoes, but receipts, toys, makeup, sunglasses. But I’m only showing you the shoe drawer!


4. Sitting on top of the Ikea bins is a little dish where I drop my everyday jewellery and random odds and ends. I find since it’s the last thing I put on before I leave the house, this is the perfect spot for it. It’s also small, so my entire collection doesn’t end up being dumped into it. I bought this one at the J.Crew outlet for $10, but you could use a soap dish, or a side dish, my fave place to find such things is Homesense.

5. If you have kids under 12, chances are you’re overrun by crafts and artwork. All of which are precious and forbidden to end up in the recycling ๐Ÿ™„. I needed a way to contain my little artist’s creations that would be aesthetically pleasing and also show her how special her pieces are. Her creations get rotated (with some accidentally falling into the recycling) in the glass display ‘bubble’, which makes her feel like an art gallery curator, bonus! I found this piece at Homesense, in the kitchen department for $35.

6. Speaking of arts and crafts….oh lawdy, lawdy! We could sink an ocean liner with crayons, markers, and random craft crap. So, we have cabinets dedicated just to craft supplies and inside are rows and rows of takeout containers. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? If I could be bothered to fix my label maker they would have neat little labels, but, whateve’s, this works.

Got any storage or organizational tips and tricks you want to share? You know we love to share….go on, leave a comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Host of Tabella


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