“Oil on my face??!” Said this Pro-Makeup Artist

“Oil on my face??!” I blurted out sitting in my Naturopath’s office six years ago. She was actually suggesting what now seems to be the norm, oil was actually good for your skin and helped keep it clear. When I started taking care of my skin “oil free” was a mantra. It was the root of all your skin’s problems and needed to be avoided. Oil free powder, oil free moisturizer, oil free face wash… you name it. I was apprehensive and skeptical when I was told it would cure me of my skin woes. But, I gave it a chance. I noticed a couple of things immediately; After I would cleanse with it my skin actually was left feeling clean and not oily at all! Secondly, it wasn’t tight, or stripped of all moisture. Even those people I asked who had an oily skin type said it helped balance the skin back to normal. I became obsessed. Every person that mentioned the word breakout, or dull, I was there like a preacher ready to heal! I did convert a few and they still thank me to this day.

I did think this idea of an oily concoction brought from my Natropath’s old country would only be used by purists and vegan hippies, but these oils are now being accepted by the mainstream. The Japanese and Korean markets have been on this bandwagon way longer than us.

Once I was a believer, I began testing some other oil based products, like Shu Umera’s cleansing oil. Turns out, I prefered my own homemade blend from my Natropath (you can find the recipe in my other blogpost here).  That being said, there are tons of beauty lines that carry oil cleansers and oils that you can add to anything. I now even add oil to my basic daily moisturizer. I like Aesop fabulous face oil, it adds a luxe feel to my skin care regime.

Whilst working in Asia I accidentally stumbled upon treatment shimmer oil  by a Korean company called 3 concept eyes (3CE). It’s now a staple in my professional kit. A luxurious oil with a golden shimmer that blends together when you shake it. LOVE! Put it in your moisturizer and under your foundation, it keeps you looking glowy and fresh. You can also add a few drops directly to your foundation to achieve a similar look.

So I guess I’m still an ambassador of sorts, even though admittedly, I’ve used oils, then not used them, then used again. Every time I get back on the bandwagon I fall in love all over.

In case you want to try oil based products yourself, I’ll leave you with this: When cleaning, I like to take a soft, hot washcloth after massaging the oil all over my face and gently wipe to ensure my makeup has come off.

Let us know if you’ve tried anything that’s worked for your skin!

Written by: Elena Pacienza, Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

Elena Pacienza


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