Chalk Painted Chairs

Our friends at Made by Madrigal  created these stunning repurposed chairs. Co-Owner Stacey Madrigal was good enough to share her expertise with Tabella and give us a step-by-step guide if you want to give this a whirl yourself. But there’s a small catch….you have to send us pictures of the results. Deal?! Ok Stacey, we’re with you, show us how it’s done…..

I love this look! Multi-coloured chalk painted chairs. This approach of refinishing tired wooden chairs in various, yet complimentary colours makes a dining room, or eat-in kitchen, bright and playfully cheery. You can apply this to the same style of wooden chair, or amp-up the fun using different style chairs. Kid’s particularly love this aesthetic because they love having a seat at the table to call their own.

You can even use different style chairs and chalk paint them in slightly different hues of the same colour, creating an ombré or gradient effect.

As a DIY project, it is loads of fun going from various antique shops, street fairs and estate sales to find the right mix of chairs. This project is really simple to do and a great way to repurpose those odd chairs you might have lying around from various dining sets acquired through the years. (And the Tabella Team thinks this would make an amazing gift for someone – repurposed, unique, hand crafted, what could be better than that?). Here’s how to do it:

You will need:
Solid wooden chairs
Sandpaper 60-80 grit and 220-grit
Chalk paint, I prefer The FAT Paint Company
Paint trays
Paint brushes for every colour you choose
Rollers for every colour you choose
Clear coat FAT Paint Matte Clear Coat or Rustoleum Chalked Matte Clear Coat
Paper towel or old rag
Ziploc bags

Step 1: Select your chairs, makes sure they are solid wood, no laminated tops. Begin by using your 60-80 grit sandpaper to gently sand by hand the surface of your chair. This improves the adhesion of the paint. Do not be excessive, no need to overwork yourself, you are just making the surface abrasive enough to hold the paint.

Step 2: Wipe any excess dust off your chair using a damp cloth or paper towel. If using FAT Paint apply directly to your chairs using a brush.
If you prefer to hand mix your chalk paint from scratch in a separate bowl that you will no longer miss, mix a 2:1 ratio of plaster of Paris with lukewarm water. This mixture should be loose but not watery, but also not a paste.

Step 3: (Only follow this step if you are hand mixing your own chalk paint )Pour this mixture into your measured paint and whisk until completely blended and smooth. No lumps.

Step 4: Allow the first coat of paint to completely dry for 4 hours, and then use your roller to apply the remaining coats. If you hand mixed your paint you will need to cover your paint tray and brush in between coats, so you can use a plastic bag for the tray and a ziploc for your brushes.

Step 5: When fully coated, using your 220 grit sandpaper, lightly distress the edges to reveal the original wood. Once this is finished, very lightly run the same paper over the surface of the seat and frame. This will ensure when you apply your clear coat it is smooth and flawless.

Step 6: Apply your clear coat by using either FAT Paint Matte Clear Coat, if available in your area, or Rustoleum Chalked Matte Clear Coat, which can be found at Home Depot or Home Hardware. Tip: when applying the clear coat use a little of the product and quickly and lightly brush it onto your chair. This product dries quickly so keep your hands moving and if it gets too tacky in an area, apply more product.

Once finished allow the clear coat to dry as instructed, and then place them around your dinner table! You can also try this technique with tired accent chairs to give them a real pop of colour.

Don’t have the time or skills to do this yourself Tabella Tribe? No problem,  you can visit Made by Madrigal online, they will ship to your door and can also do custom projects for you.

Written by: Stacey Madgrigal, Owner, Made


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