Zit Coverage – By A Makeup Pro – Buffy Shields

As a professional makeup artist I’ve worked with hundreds of models and dozens of celebrities and I can assure you that no-one, is exempt from zits! I also know that a bad pimple can seriously wreck your self-confidence, so here’s a few tips on how to conceal those bad boys like a pro:

1. Most importantly, you’ll need to start with clean skin, hands and makeup tools. The last thing you want is to further infect the area, not only making the healing process longer but possibly giving yourself a scar. I have to tell you not to pick, but the reality is…we all pick! It’s hard not to, I know, but if you do, try to take care and keep the area clean with soap, cleansers or even a quick swab of rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel, to keep from further infection.

If your pimple is still oozing, because, you know, you picked, continue to pat it with a clean cloth/tissue/cotton swab until it stops and dries out.

2. Now you need to moisturize. Unfortunately part of your body’s natural healing process is dry skin around the blemish area. Makeup over dry skin only highlights the area you are trying to cover instead of flawlessly concealing it. So moisturize as much as you can.

3. If you find that the blemish and surrounding area is still a little inflamed and really red, try this trick: soak a cotton swab in Visine or a similar product used to get the red out of eyes and hold it to the area for about 5 minutes. This product will not only relieve some of the redness but also has an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can help to minimize the raised area.

4. To conceal, start with thicker and creamier concealer that matches your skin tone. Anything lighter or darker will only bring attention to it instead of hiding it. A thicker concealer will also give you maximum coverage and last longer on your skin throughout the day than a light coverage concealer that will slip and fade away faster. While applying your concealer with either a clean fine point brush/sponge/fingers, use a patting motion as opposed to a swiping motion. This will give you more complete coverage and less time spent going over the area multiple times.

5. Give the area a light dusting of powder with a soft brush to help set and seal the concealer. Taking care to use a light hand and not press or sweep too hard and disturbing your work so far.

6. Now you can continue to apply your foundation all over your face taking care again to use a gentle, patting motion around the area you have already concealed.

7. Finally, set everything with your face powder and continue on with the rest of your makeup knowing that your little friend is well concealed!

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Written by: Buffy Shields, Professional Make-up Artist, represented by artist agency Judy Inc.


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