Pretty Paper Pom-Poms

These are so quick and easy to make and requires very little ‘crafting skill’.  “Where can you use them,” you ask?? Make them for your wedding, your childrens’ rooms, your classrooms, birthday party decor, or your cheerleader Halloween costume. Or, tie one to the top of a birthday gift. They’ll love it!


  • Pack of large tissue paper, 8 sheets per pack (the stuff from Indigo works well)
  • Wire or pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon, twine or tulle. Love this Ribbon and Bows Oh My!
  • Scissors

A. Start by laying the stack of tissue paper flat on a large surface.
B. Fold it like an accordion and make the folds 1-2 inches wide.
C. Fold the whole thing until you have a long strip of folded tissue paper.

Take a pipe cleaner or craft wire and wrap around the middle of the strip.
B. Cut a piece of ribbon or twine (here, we used some left over tulle from a wedding) about a foot long (you can always trim later) and knot the ends to create a loop/handle.  Lay it parallel to the strip of tissue paper.
C. Wrap the pipe cleaner around both the tissue paper and ribbon.


A. Cut off both ends of the tissue paper strip into points.  You can curve them as well – I personally like the way the pointy ones turn out.
B. Begin pulling the tissue paper apart.  Be careful not to rip the paper.  Pull down both sides and you will start to see your pom pom.
C. Once you are finished, reach inside for the tulle (or ribbon) so that you can hang up your pom pom.


Voila!  Instant pom pom to be hung in any room as decor or for any event.



Written by: Kelly Potter Scott, PR Professional, DIY’er


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