Fancy Nails You Can Do Yourself

Girl’s night, date night or party? These nail looks have you covered. Less expensive than a salon and easy to do yourself.

 A classic bold red manicure 

This is probably my all time favorite red. It’s classic yet the slight bit of orange undertone makes it pop. This colour works really well on every skin tone and is totally work appropriate.

opi red

Rich blue with a touch of gold
This blue colour is so beautiful worn on its own but I love adding the gold for a little something extra. Gradient glitter nails are so easy to do and work beautifully  with pretty much any colour combo. This look is perfect for any occasion. Simply paint the nails with any colour then paint the tip and slightly down with glitter adding extra layers closet to the tip to create the effect.
blue with gold
Blue- CND vinylux in Seaside Party 
Gold- Essie in Rock at the Top
Monochrome Mani 
This look is so easy and classic, like a tuxedo for your nails. It would look great with a menswear inspired outfit or a LBD. Still work appropriate, but not so basic. You can reverse the colours or do a half moon shape at the base instead of a straight line. All you need to do is paint your nails white, allow to dry then tape off the section you want to leave white and paint the rest black. Finish with a high shine top coat and you’re good to go!
black and white
 Classic black with a touch of silver 
Nail art does not get easier than dots! For this look all you need to do is add dots of silver to the base, or tip of your black Mani.  This kind of art is great if you’ve been rocking the same basic colour Mani all week and just want to add a little something for the weekend.
black w silver spots nails
 Written by: Nova Smith, Nail Art Specialist


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