Office Style Long & Lean Body Types 2

Body Type Bible | Office Style For Long & Lean Body Types 2

I just love the fun print of the fabric here.  As soon as I saw the dress, I knew I had to put it on.

businessB 1

Why it Works:

Dress – A print like this works so well on most body types.  It can help to camouflage any bumps or squishy bits.  The high belt also helps to cinch the waist and sits a bit higher than your natural waistline, which also helps make you look thinner.  If you have a larger bust, you can also undo a button or two to help balance out the top.

Shoes – Again, stick to a nude ankle strap when you can to avoid making your legs look shorter or cut-off.

Bag/Accessories – I love this structured bag.  It carries everything you need – a small laptop, a banana and a pair of flats!  Plus, it looks so polished and can be taken from winter to summer.  I kept the accessories simple because I felt there was a lot going on with the print of the dress. The chunky chainlink of my bracelet mimics the print.


Written by: Kelly Potter Scott


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