Casual, Long & Lean Body Types 2

Next up in my casual series is a denim outfit.  Yes, I pair denims together, as long as they are not all the same shade.  Unless of course, I am heading to a hoedown 😉

casual b13

Why it works?

Jeans – They’re skinny and I’m skinny so they work!  At least that’s what I tell myself.  I love the stretch of this particular denim – they were so comfortable, I felt like I was at home in my comfy pants.  I also love the fact that they are grey.  It is a nice change from blue denim and they go with so much. This brand is great for tall girls too as they come in a high inseam.  It is rare for me to find a pair of jeans that I can roll up at the bottom!

Jacket – The cropped jacket works well on this body type, you just have to be careful that it’s not too cropped for such a tall figure.  The jean jacket is one of my faovurite clothing pieces of all time.  It is versatile (wear with converse or heels) and they are timeless.  I am still wearing my Gap denim jacket from grade 10!

Tank – The loose fit of this tank works well for mommy tummys.  It hides everything.  It works nicely on a long torso. Don’t be afraid to layer a brightly coloured cami or bandeau under s sheer tank like this.  I’ve put a grey one underneath this one, but you could also do red or blue.

Shoes – A wedge heel is perfect for a busy mom on the go (like me).  These wedges from Heel Boy are crazy comfy and the red ads a fun element to this outfit.

photo 5

casual b6

casual B4

Written by:  Kelly Potter Scott


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