Casual, Compact & Curvey Body Types 3

My my five-foot-nothing, hourglass frame is not always easy to dress. Even though I’m between a size 4 or 6, I have bulkier limbs, and boobs, oh, boobs! They often make a mockery of a good shirt because the fit across the chest fails.

Still, having dressed people professionally as a stylist for over almost two decades now, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. Thanks to Andie’s  and Heel Boy  footwear, here’s how I dressed this bod for a low-key day.


Why it works:

Cardigan: It feels like you’re wearing a blanket; comfortable is an understatement. It’s from Esprit (at Andie’s) and priced at $119.95.  The line it creates at the front is long and lean, which I need in spades. I love the 3/4 sleeve because it shows off the most flattering part of the arm – the wrist. The length is great on me because it’s not overwhelming, neither is the fabric. It’s not bulky and therefore, I can avoid looking like a Teletubbie. Bonus!

T-Shirt: I love a good T. It’s my uniform and, therefore, I’m willing to spend a bit more, ($49.95) especially for dreamy fabrics like this one from Press. It’s called ‘Love’, aw. I do prefer a v-neck, it’s more flattering for the girls but, hey, sometimes comfort is worth bending a rule.

Jeans: I typically despise any kind of fading on the thighs. Why would I want to add a spotlight on the body part I struggle with most? However, the fading on these runs down the middle and gets darker at the edges – that means it has a more slimming effect. Sold! Again, these are insanely comfortable from Mavi (at Andie’s), they’re called the ‘Serene’ ankle cropped Jean (which naturally on my 29″ inseam are a perfect full length!), priced at $114.99.

Shoes: Designed for rushing out the door and sprinting to the school yard. Perfect. I love to add just one element to every outfit that’s a bit more edgy, maybe because I’m almost 45 and it’s my middle finger to the world that I’m not ‘passed it’ and refuse to wear what Sears tells me ‘women of my age’ *should* be wearing.

Accessories: My bracelet I picked up at Life Of Manek (owned by fellow Stylist Nicole Manek, a must-visit boutique in Toronto), the ring was a Christmas gift from my Dad.

Bag: I have a penchant for all things 70’s and this embodies that. Available at Heel Boy.



Written by: Rachel Matthews Burton, Fashion Stylist, Host of Tabella


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